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Air in Summer DVD Cover
Air In Summer is an original video animation based on the visual novel "Air" created by Key and the anime of the same name. It was released in Japan on October 5, 2005.

The English adaption of the OVA was licened by ADV Films but was transferred to FUNimation Entertainment in July 2008.

Voice Cast

Main Cast

Role Seiyū
Character 文字 Japanese 文字 English
Kanna 神奈 Chinami Nishimura 西村 ちなみ Cynthia Martinez
Ryūya 柳也 Nobutoshi Canna 神奈 延年 Jay Hickman
Uraha 裏葉 Kikuko Inoue 井上 喜久子 Allison Sumrall

Minor Cast

Role Seiyū
Character 文字 Japanese 文字 English
Little Ryūya (ep2) Chiwa Saitō 斎藤 千和 Christine Auten
Peddler Rooster (ep1) Fumihiko Gotō 後藤 史彦 John Swasey
Thin Man (ep1) Yoshinori Muto 武藤 与志則 K.C. Jones
Unsui (ep2) Charles Campbell

Additional Voices



  • Charles Campbell - Men (ep2), Peddler Melons (ep1), Pursuers (ep1), Shoppers (ep1)
  • Christine Auten - Pursuers (ep1), Shoppers (ep1)
  • Christopher Ayres - Men (ep2), Mountain Villagers (ep2), Peddler Quality (ep1), Pursuers (ep1), Shoppers (ep1)
  • John Swasey - Men (ep2), Mountain Villagers (ep2), Pursuers (ep1), Shoppers (ep1)
  • Josh Grelle - Pursuers (ep1)
  • K.C. Jones - Men (ep2), Mountain Villagers (ep2), Pursuers (ep1), Shoppers (ep1)

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