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Blood Cover
, pronounced as "Blood Plus", is an anime series produced by Production I.G and Aniplex and directed by Junichi Fujisaku. The series premiered in Japan on Sony's anime satellite channel, Animax, as well as on terrestrial networks such as MBS, TBS, and RKB on October 8, 2005. The final episode aired on September 23, 2006. Blood+ is licensed for international distribution in several regions through Sony Pictures' international arm, Sony Pictures Television International (SPTI).

Blood+ was inspired by the 2000 anime film Blood: The Last Vampire; however, there are only a few allusions and basic elements from the film. Fujisaku has been involved with both works, including acting as the director for Blood+ and writing the novelization of Blood: The Last Vampire.

Voice Cast

Main Cast

Role Voice Actor
Character 文字 Japanese 文字 English
George Miyagusuku 宮城ジョージ Hōchū Ōtsuka 大塚 芳忠 Wally Wingert
Haji ハジ Katsuyuki Konishi 小西 克幸 Crispin Freeman
Kai Miyagusuku 宮城カイ Hiroyuki Yoshino 吉野 裕行 Ben Diskin
Riku Miyagusuku 宮城リク Akiko Yajima 矢島 晶子 Kamali Minter
Saya Otonashi 音無小夜 Eri Kitamura 喜多村 英梨 Kari Wahlgren

Minor Cast

Role Voice Actor
Character 文字 Japanese 文字 English
Amshell Wally Wingert
Black Suit A (ep31) Steve Blum
Black Suit B (ep31) Steve Blum
Black Suit E (ep32) Quinton Flynn
Boy A (ep9) Ben Diskin
Boy A (ep42) Ben Diskin
Boy B (ep42) Crispin Freeman
Brett Jeannie Elias
British Officer A (ep33) Wally Wingert
British Official (ep33) Crispin Freeman
Butler (ep39) Steve Blum
Carl/Phantom Quinton Flynn
Chairman (ep39) David Wittenberg
Clara Jennifer Darling
Collins Steve Blum
Dahz (ep35) Wally Wingert
Daughter A (ep50) Lara Jill Miller
Daughter B (ep50) Amber Hood
David デイビッド Jūrōta Kosugi 小杉 十郎太 Chris Nissley
David's Father (ep30) Chris Nissley
Director (ep48) Crispin Freeman
Dismas (ep20) Abby Craden
Diva Kari Wahlgren
Female Announcer (ep6) Abby Craden
Female Volunteer (ep9) Olivia Hack
Forrest Crispin Freeman
Gudrif (ep35) Dave Wittenberg
Gestas (ep20) Ben Diskin
Ghee (ep21) Kamali Minter
Glay Dave Wittenberg
Grant Steve Blum
Irene Olivia Hack
James David Rasner
Javier Lara Jill Miller
Joel the 1st (Old) (ep30) David Rasner
Joel the 1st (Young) (ep30) David Rasner
Joel the 6th Crispin Freeman
Julia ジュリア Yūko Kaida 甲斐田 裕子 Abby Craden
Kakimoto Wally Wingert
Kaori Kinjō 金城香里 Mai Kadowaki 門脇 舞 Amber Hood
Kaori's Mother (ep3) Abby Craden
Karman Dave Wittenberg
Kato Ben Diskin
Lewis David Rasner
Liza Kari Wahlgren
Lulu Lara Jill Miller
Maid (ep31) Abby Craden
Male Front Desk Clerk (ep8) Ben Diskin
Male Volunteer (ep9) Crispin Freeman
Man in Business Suit David Rasner
Mao Olivia Hack
McCoy (ep12) Quinton Flynn
Min Lara Jill Miller
Min's Boyfriend (ep11) Crispin Freeman
Monique Stephanie Sheh
Moses Steve Blum
Mrs. Carlyle (ep39) Jeannie Elias
Ms. Lee Jennifer Darling
Mui Janice Kawaye
Nahabi Jeannie Elias
Nathan Wally Wingert
Nurse (ep15) Amber Hood
Office Worker Wally Wingert
Okamura David Rasner
Old Man (ep41) Wally Wingert
Old Woman (ep17) Kari Wahlgren
Philip (ep18) Crispin Freeman
Policeman A (ep50) Chris Nissley
President (ep39) Steve Blum
Principal (ep3) Crispin Freeman
Professor Sukekawa David Rasner
Reporter B (ep48) Steve Blum
Reseacher A David Rasner
Researcher B (ep36) Ben Diskin
Solomon Dave Wittenberg
Sonia (ep17) Liz Sroka
Sorimachi Crispin Freeman
Staff (ep42) Steve Blum
Taxi Driver (ep9) Chris Nissley
Teacher (ep1) David Rasner
Ted (ep18) David Rasner
U.S. Secretary of Defense (ep33) Steve Blum
U.S. Secretary of State (ep33) Jeannie Elias
Vin Argeno ヴァン・アルジ Junichi Suwabe 諏訪部 順一 Crispin Freeman
Waste Dealer (ep7) Wally Wingert
Woman (ep41) Abby Craden
Young Amshell (ep30) Wally Wingert
Young George (ep30) Wally Wingert
Young Man (ep11) Quinton Flynn

Additional Voices (Japanese)

Role Voice Actor
Character 文字 Japanese 文字 English
Tadahisa Saizen 西前 忠久
Kōji Yusa 遊佐 浩二

Additional Voices (English)

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