Dragon Ball Z The World's Strongest DVD Cover
Dragon Ball Z The Movie: The World's Strongest (ドラゴンボールZ この世で一番強いヤツ), also known by Toei's own English title The Strongest Guy in the World, is the second feature movie in the Dragon Ball Z franchise. It was originally released in Japan on March 10, 1990, at the "Toei Manga Matsuri" film festival. It was released on VHS and DVD in North America on May 26, 1998, with an English voice dub, produced by Pioneer Home Entertainment in association with Funimation Entertainment. The film was later re-dubbed by Funimation's in-house voice cast and released again to DVD on November 14, 2006.

Japanese Voice Cast

Role Seiyū
Character 文字 Voice Actor 文字

Son Gokū

Son Gohan

孫 悟空

孫 悟飯

Masako Nozawa 野沢 雅子
Piccolo ピッコロ Toshio Furukawa 古川 登志夫
Kuririn クリリン Mayumi Tanaka 田中 真弓
Bulma ブルマ Hiromi Tsuru 鶴 ひろみ
Kame-Sennin 亀仙人 Kōhei Miyauchi 宮内 幸平
Chi-Chi チチ Mayumi Shō 荘 真由美
Oolong ウーロン Naoki Tatsuta 龍田 直樹
Shenron 神龍 Kenji Utsumi 内海 賢二
Dr. Kochin Dr.コーチン Kōji Yada 矢田 耕司
Kishime キシーメ Yukimasa Kishino 岸野 幸正
Ebifurya エビフリャー Ken Yamaguchi 山口 健
Misokatsun ミソカッツン Daisuke Gōri 郷里 大輔
Dr. Willow Dr.ウイロー Kōji Nakata 中田 浩二
Narration ナレーション Jōji Yanami 八奈見 乗児

English Voice Cast (1998 Pioneer)

English Voice Cast (2006 FUNimation)

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