Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children cover
(ファイナルファンタジーVII アドベントチルドレン Fainaru Fantajī Sebun Adobento Chirudoren?) is a 2005 Japanese computer-animated science fiction film directed by Tetsuya Nomura, co-directed by Takeshi Nozue, and produced by Yoshinori Kitase and Shinji Hashimoto. It was written by Kazushige Nojima and the music was composed by Nobuo Uematsu. Developed by Visual Works and Square Enix, Advent Children was the first announced title in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series, which is composed of titles related to the highly successful 1997 role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII.

It takes place two years after the events of the game and is set in the city of Edge. Cloud Strife, now living as a delivery boy alongside Tifa Lockhart and taking care of two children, is summoned to find the cause of "Geostigma", a mysterious disease that is threatening the city's population. The film was released on DVD in Japan on September 14, 2005, and a year later in North America and Europe. Special editions of the film contain official tie-ins that depict events that happen before and after the period covered by the film. On April 16, 2009, Square Enix released a director's cut version titled Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete for the Blu-ray Disc format which was also released overseas.

The idea of the film was conceived when Kitase wrote a script that focused on Cloud's and Tifa's story. Visual Works picked Final Fantasy VII as the theme for their next film, and Square Enix helped them develop it. Final Fantasy VII Advent Children received mixed reviews by online writers, who praised its battles and animation, but criticized how non-Final Fantasy VII gamers would not understand the plot. The film received the "Maria Award" at the Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya in 2005, and it was awarded "best anime feature" at the 2007 American Anime Awards. As of May 2009, the DVD and Universal Media Disc releases of Advent Children sold over 4.1 million copies worldwide. Advent Children Complete earned better reviews due to some changes and new features, and it also enjoyed good sales.

Voice Cast

Role Voice Actor
Character Japanese 文字 English
Cloud Strife Takahiro Sakurai 櫻井孝宏 Steve Burton
Tifa Lockhart Ayumi Itō 伊藤 歩 Rachael Leigh Cook
Kadaj Shōtarō Morikubo 森久保 祥太郎 Steve Staley
Rufus Shinra Tōru Ōkawa 大川 透 Wally Wingert
Reno Keiji Fujiwara 藤原 啓治 Quinton Flynn
Rude Taiten Kusunoki 楠 大典 Crispin Freeman
Yazoo Yūji Kishi 岸 祐二 Dave Wittenberg
Loz Kenji Nomura 乃村健次 Fred Tatasciore
Vincent Valentine Shōgo Suzuki 鈴木省吾 Steven Jay Blum
Barrett Wallace Masahiro Kobayashi 小林 正寛 Beau Billingslea
Cid Highwind Kazuhiro Yamaji 山路 和弘 Chris Edgerly
Yuffie Kisaragi Yumi Kakazu かかず ゆみ Christy Carlson Romano
Cait Sith Hideo Ishikawa 石川 英郎 Greg Ellis
Red XIII Masachika Ichimura 市村 正親 Liam O'Brien
Marlene Wallace

Miyu Tsuzurahara

Sumire Morohoshi (Complete)

黒葛原 未有


Ariel Winter (Complete)

Grace Rolek


Kyōsuke Ikeda

Kazumu Izawa (Complete)

池田 恭祐


Aaron Refven (Complete)

Benjamin Bryan

Tseng Junichi Suwabe 諏訪部 順一 Ryun Yu
Elena Megumi Toyoguchi 豊口 めぐみ Bettina Bush

Rina Mogami

Marino Kuwajima (Complete)

最上 莉奈


Andrea Bowen
Reeve Tuesti Banjō Ginga 銀河 万丈 Jamieson Price
Zack Fair Kenichi Suzumura 鈴村 健一 Rick Gomez
Aerith Gainsborough Maaya Sakamoto 坂本 真綾 Mena Suvari
Sephiroth Toshiyuki Morikawa 森川 智之 George Newbern
Inhabitants of Midgar Edge Hina Arai 荒井ひな
Kaito Arai 新井海人
Kazutada Tanaka 夛中一忠
Keiichi Nakagawa 中川慶一
Kensuke Tamura 田村健亮
Kōji Fujiyoshi 藤吉浩二
Miho Miyagawa 宮川美保
Miwa Koike 小池美輪
Mutsumi Tamura 田村睦心
Reita Shibai 柴井伶太
Senka Deno 出野泉花
Takayuki Sasada 笹田貴之
Takuto Yoshinaga 吉永 拓斗
Yōko Hikasa 日笠 陽子
Yukiko Monden 門田幸子
Yū Kudo 工藤優

Additional Voices

English version

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