George Manley
George Edmond Manley (born September 17, 1965 in Sacramento, California) is an American voice actor, novelist and screenplay writer working for FUNimation Entertainment, ADV Films and Seraphim Digital. He attended San Jose State University, majoring in theatre arts, University of Nevada, Reno, majoring in journalism and holds his associate of science degree in Computer Information Systems and trained at San Francisco's Voice One Studio and with Braintracks Audio's Nancy Wolfson in commercial and character voiceover.

Manley has performed voice work for several ADV Films productions, including Impact, the giant robot in Legend of the Mystical Ninja; Hugi Zeravire from Gravion Zwei; Barba from Hakugei: Legend of The Moby Dick; and the English-language narrator for Science Ninja Team Gatchaman.

Manley is also an on-air personality for Houston's Taping For The Blind Radio (now known as Turning Sight Into Sound Radio), currently reading the Houston Chronicle and Sports Illustrated on a weekly basis.



  • Michel - Sitel, Old Man 1 (ep17), Villager (ep25)


Anime Shorts



Web Anime


  • Number of VA titles on this wiki: (79)
  • Manley was encouraged to become a voice artist after meeting and receiving encouragement at the 2002 FanimeCon from voice artist Amanda Winn Lee; voice artist Tiffany Grant and her husband ADV Films president Matt Greenfield.

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