Jess Harnell
Jess Q. Harnell (born December 23, 1963) is an American singer and voice actor.

Animation Voice Work


  • ChalkZone - Joe Tabootie, Baby Bird#1 (ep1), Banshee (ep13) Beanie Boy#1 (ep14), Butch (ep2), Buttered Toast Man (ep40), Cat (ep1), Courtney Condor (ep14), Disembodied Head (ep13), Lars (ep40), Moustache (ep3), Old Man Last Year (ep40), Parrot (ep2), Push (ep34), Razor (ep3), Scientist#1 (ep12), Scout (ep2), Singer#1, Thor Throat (ep11), Thorn Bush (ep40), Valet (ep13), Walrus (ep1), Additional Voices

Anime Voice Work

Anime - Dubbing

Movies - Dubbing


  • Number of VA titles on this wiki: (5)

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