Anna CummerAnna PaquinAnnapolis
Anne HathawayAnne LockhartAnnie Mai
Annie MumoloAnohana: The Flower We Saw That DayAnother
Another Sea Train? Rocketman Charges Forth! (One Piece Episode)Anthony BowlingAnthony Salerno
Antimere RobinsonAoharu x MachinegunApe Escape: Pumped & Primed
Apocalypse ZeroApphia YuAppleseed
Appleseed: Ex machinaAppleseed AlphaAppleseed XIII
April StewartAqua Teen Hunger ForceAquarian Age: Sign for Evolution
AquarionAquarion EvolArc the Lad
Area 88Area 88 (1985)Argento Soma
Aria the Scarlet AmmoAria the Scarlet Ammo AAAriel Winter
Armin ShimermanArmitage: Dual-MatrixArmitage III: Poly-Matrix
Armored Core 3Arthur's Missing PalArtt Butler
Ashlee ChristopherAshleigh BallAshleigh Domangue
Ashley EdnerAshley GonzalesAshley Johnson
Ashley LambertAshley MoynihanAshley Tisdale
Ashly BurchAssassination ClassroomAttack on Titan
Atticus ShafferAubrey PlazaAudrey Ahern
Audrey WasilewskiAura: Koga Maryuin's Last WarAustin Black
Austin TindleAva AcresAvenger
Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & PunisherAvery Rice Williams
File:Anna Cummer.jpgFile:Anna Paquin.jpgFile:Annapolis 2006 Poster.jpg
File:Anne Hathaway.jpgFile:Anne Lockhart.jpgFile:Annie Mai.jpg
File:Annie Mumolo.jpgFile:Anohana The Flower We Saw That Day Cover.jpgFile:Another DVD Cover.jpg
File:Anthony Bowling.jpgFile:Antimere Robinson.jpgFile:Antz Norwegian Credits.png
File:Aoharu machinegun.jpgFile:Ape Escape Pumped & Primed 2004 Game Cover.jpgFile:Apocalypse Zero DVD Cover.jpg
File:Apphia Yu.jpgFile:Appleseed Alpha 2014 DVD Cover.jpgFile:Appleseed Ex Machina DVD Cover.jpg
File:Appleseed XIII Artwork.jpgFile:Applessed Poster.jpgFile:April Stewart.jpg
File:Aqua Teen Hunger Force.jpgFile:Aquarian Age Sign for Evolution 2002 DVD Cover.jpgFile:Aquarion 2005 DVD Cover.jpg
File:Aquarion Evol DVD Cover.jpgFile:Arc the Lad Promotional Poster.jpgFile:Area 88 DVD Cover.jpg
File:Argento Soma.jpgFile:Aria the Scarlet Ammo AA Cover.jpgFile:Aria the Scarlet Ammo DVD Cover.jpeg
File:Ariel Winter.jpgFile:Arman's Secret Norwegian Credits.pngFile:Armin Shimerman.jpg
File:Armitage Dual-Matrix DVD Cover.jpgFile:Armitage III Poly-Matrix DVD Cover.jpgFile:Armored Core 3 2002 Game Cover.jpg
File:Arnold's voice artist.pngFile:Arthur's Missing Pal 2006 DVD Cover.jpgFile:ArthurFinnishCredits.PNG
File:Arthur - Season 10 CreditsFile:Arthur - Season 1 CreditsFile:Arthur - Season 4 Credits
File:Arthur Christmas Brazilian Credits.pngFile:Arthur Read (Arthur) Digit and Delete Cyberchase) Matt and Jackie(Cyberchase) Buzz(Cyberchase) Maya (Maya & Miguel) Emily Elizabeth(Clifford the Big Red) Dach (PBS) Cassie(Dragon Tales) Cam Clarke.jpgFile:Artt Butler.jpg
File:Ashleigh Ball.pngFile:Ashleigh Domangue.jpgFile:Ashley-Tisdale.jpg
File:Ashley Edner.jpgFile:Ashley Gonzales.jpgFile:Ashley Johnson.jpg
File:Ashley Lambert.jpgFile:Ashley Moynihan.jpgFile:Ashly Burch.jpg
File:Assassination Classroom.jpgFile:Asterix Versus Caesar Danish Credits.pngFile:Asterix Versus Caesar Finnish Credits.png
File:Asterix Versus Caesar Norwegian Credits.pngFile:Asterix Versus Caesar Swedish Credits.pngFile:Asuras wrath creds.png
File:AtlantisTheLostEmpireDanishCredits.PNGFile:AtlantisTheLostEmpireSwedishCredits.PNGFile:Atlantis 1 French Credits.png
File:Atlantis 2 Danish Credits.pngFile:Atlantis 2 Norwegian Credits.pngFile:Atlantis 2 Swedish Credits.png
File:Atlantis Milo's Return Brazilian Portuguese Credits.pngFile:Atlantis Milo's Return French Credits.pngFile:Atlantis Milo's Return German Credits.png
File:Atlantis Milo's Return Latin Spanish Credits.pngFile:Atlantis The Lost Empire Brazilian Portuguese Credits.pngFile:Atlantis The Lost Empire Latin Spanish Credits.png
File:Atlantis The Lost Empire Norwegian Credits.pngFile:Atout5ItalianCredits.PNGFile:Atticus Shaffer.jpg
File:Aubrey Plaza.jpgFile:Audrey Wasilewski.jpgFile:Aura Koga Maryuin's Last War Cover.jpg
File:Austin Tindle.jpgFile:Austin and Ally ep1 Danish Credits.pngFile:Austin and Ally ep1 Norwegian Credits.png
File:Austin and Ally ep1 Swedish Credits.pngFile:Ava Acres.jpgFile:AvengerEMH Finnish Credits.png
File:Avenger 2003 DVD Cover.jpgFile:AvengersEMH Danish Credits.pngFile:AvengersEMH Norwegian Credits.png
File:AvengersEMH S2 Danish Credits.pngFile:AvengersEMH S2 Finnish Credits.pngFile:AvengersEMH S2 Norwegian Credits.png
File:AvengersEMH S2 Swedish Credits.pngFile:AvengersEMH Swedish Credits.pngFile:Avengers Assemble Brazilian Credits.png
File:Avengers Assemble Danish Credits.pngFile:Avengers Assemble Latin American Credits.pngFile:Avengers Assemble Norwegian Credits.png
File:Avengers Assemble Swedish Credits.png

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