Valerie AremValkyrie Drive: MermaidValkyrie Profile
Vampire Hunter DVampire Hunter D: BloodlustVampire Knight
Vampire Knight GuiltyVampire Princess MiyuVampire Princess Miyu (OVA)
VandreadVandread: The Second StageVanessa DeSilvio
Variable GeoVeronica TaylorVexille
Vic MignognaVicki LewisVictor Carsrud
Victor Raider-WexlerViewtiful Joe (2004)Viktor Walker
Violence Jack: Harem BomberViolence Jack: Hell's WindViolet Evergarden
Viper GTSViva Dojo Challenge! Youth is All About Passion! (Naruto Episode)Vladimir Meyman
Vyvan PhamWXIII: Patlabor The Movie 3Walker Edmiston
Wallace ShawnWally WingertWanna Be the Strongest in the World!
Wanna Be the Strongest in the World! (Shorts)Ward PerryWarren Sroka
Wayne GraysonWe, Without Wings - Under the Innocent Sky.Weapon of Choice (Case Closed Episode)
Wedding PeachWedding Peach DXWendee Lee
Wendy CutlerWendy PowellWendy Welch
When Marnie Was ThereWhen They CryWhere the Wild Things Are
Whisper of the HeartWhite Past: Hidden Ambition (Naruto Episode)Whitney Rodgers
Wicked CityWil WheatonWilbur Penn
Wild Arms: Twilight VenomWill ArnettWill Christopherson
Will FriedleWill HarperWill Short
William BondurantWilliam Frederick KnightWilliam H. Bassett
William H. MacyWilliam Katt
File:Val McDermid Fever of the Bone Audiobook Cover.jpgFile:Valerie Arem.jpgFile:Valkyrie Drive Mermaid Cover.jpg
File:Valkyrie Profile Game Cover.jpgFile:Valkyrie Profile Lenneth Game Cover.jpgFile:Vampire Hunter D (1985) Cover.jpg
File:Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust Poster.jpgFile:Vampire Knight DVD Cover.jpgFile:Vampire Knight Guilty DVD Cover.jpg
File:Vampire Princess Miyu 1997 Poster.jpgFile:Vampire Princess Miyu OVA.jpgFile:Vandread Complete Series 2000-2001 DVD Cover.jpeg
File:Vanessa DeSilvio.jpgFile:Variable Geo 1999 DVD Cover.pngFile:Veronica Taylor.jpg
File:Vexille 2007 DVD Cover.jpgFile:Vic Mignogna.jpgFile:Vicki Lewis.jpg
File:Victor Raider-Wexler.jpgFile:Viewtiful joe dvd cover.jpgFile:Viktor Walker.jpg
File:Violence Jack Harem Bomber 1986 DVD Cover.jpgFile:Violence Jack Hell's Wind 1990 DVD Cover.jpgFile:Violet Evergarden 2018 Credits.png
File:Violet Evergarden 2018 Poster.jpgFile:Violetta-Englishdubcredits.PNGFile:Violetta Brazilian Credits.png
File:Violetta Danish Credits.pngFile:Violetta French Credits.pngFile:Violetta German Credits.png
File:Violetta Norwegian Credits.pngFile:Violetta Swedish Credits.pngFile:Viper GTS.jpg
File:Virgin Touch DVD Cover.jpgFile:Vyvan Pham.pngFile:WCWOWEp1cred-ESLA.png
File:WXIII Patlabor The Movie 3 DVD Cover.jpgFile:Walker Edmiston.jpgFile:Wallace Shawn.jpg
File:Wallace and Gromit's Cracking Contraptions.pngFile:Wallace and Gromit TCotWR Dutch Credits.pngFile:Wallace and Gromit TCotWR Italian Credits.png
File:Wallace and Gromit TCotWR Japanese Credits.pngFile:Walle-1.JPGFile:Walle-czechcredits.JPG
File:Walle-hungariancreds.JPGFile:Wally Wingert.jpgFile:Walt Disney's Story of Bambi Norwegian Credits.png
File:Wanna Be the Strongest in the World 2013 DVD Cover.jpgFile:Watamote.jpgFile:Wayne Grayson.jpg
File:We're Lalaloopsy Arabic Credits.pngFile:We're Lalaloopsy Brazilian Portuguese Credits.pngFile:We're Lalaloopsy Danish Credits.png
File:We're Lalaloopsy Dutch Credits.pngFile:We're Lalaloopsy English Credits.pngFile:We're Lalaloopsy European Portuguese Credits.png
File:We're Lalaloopsy European Spanish Credits.pngFile:We're Lalaloopsy Finnish Credits.pngFile:We're Lalaloopsy French Credits.png
File:We're Lalaloopsy German Credits.pngFile:We're Lalaloopsy Italian Credits.pngFile:We're Lalaloopsy Japanese Credits.png
File:We're Lalaloopsy Korean Credits.pngFile:We're Lalaloopsy Laitn American Spanish Credits.pngFile:We're Lalaloopsy Latin American Spanish Credits.png
File:We're Lalaloopsy Mandarin Credits (1).pngFile:We're Lalaloopsy Mandarin Credits (2).pngFile:We're Lalaloopsy Norwegian Credits.png
File:We're Lalaloopsy Polish Credits.pngFile:We're Lalaloopsy Swedish Credits.pngFile:We're Lalaloopsy Turkish Credits.png
File:We, Without Wings - Under the Innocent Sky Poster.jpgFile:We Without Wings under the innocent sky DVD Cover.jpgFile:Wedding Peach 2004 DVD Cover.png
File:Wedding Peach DX.jpgFile:Wendee Lee.jpgFile:Wendy Powell.jpg
File:Wendy Welch.jpgFile:When Marnie Was There 2014 Poster.PNGFile:Where the Wild Things Are DVD Cover.jpg
File:Whisper of the Heart DVD Cover.jpgFile:Whitney Rodgers.jpgFile:Wicked City 1993 DVD Cover.png
File:Wikia-Visualization-Main.pngFile:Wil Wheaton.pngFile:Wilbur Penn.jpg
File:Wild Arms Twilight Venom Cover.jpgFile:Will Arnett.jpgFile:Will Friedle.jpg
File:Will Short.jpgFile:William Frederick Knight.jpgFile:William H. Bassett.jpg
File:William H. Macy.jpg

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