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Sayaka Aoki
Sayaka Aoki (あおき さやか, October 19, 1972) is a female Japanese voice actress and is affiliated with Production Baobab management. She is originally from Akita Prefecture. She sometimes uses Shizuka Aoki (青木 静香) for stage performances. She also goes by the names Naho Yamada (山田奈穂) and Rumiko Sasa (佐々留美子) when voicing characters in adult games.

She has a very high voice which and generally performs characters such as the title role in Coji-Coji, but is well known for her portrayals of Lolita-style characters and heroines featured in Bishōjo games and in anime video games.




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  • Number of VA titles on this wiki: (15)
  • Her blood is AB.

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