Super Princess Peach Cover
Super Princess Peach (スーパープリンセスピーチ) is a platform video game published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS handheld game console. It was released in Japan in October 2005, the United States in February 2006, Australia in March 2006, and Europe in May 2006.

It is the first game to feature Princess Peach as the main playable character. In the game, Bowser has kidnapped Mario, Luigi, and Toad instead of Peach and holds them prisoner at Vibe Island, but Toad escapes from Vibe Island to the Mushroom Kingdom. Peach must go through eight worlds at Vibe to rescue Mario and Luigi.

Super Princess Peach was praised for the role reversal in the plot, but criticized for the nature of how Peach attacked, the marketing campaign, and the simple gameplay. It sold 1.15 million units worldwide.

Voice Cast

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