The Place Promised in our Early Days Cover
The Place Promised in Our Early Days (雲のむこう、約束の場所) is a 90-minute Japanese anime film created and directed by Makoto Shinkai, following his previous work Voices of a Distant Star. As in the previous film, the soundtrack was composed by Tenmon. Unlike the previous film which was largely created by Makoto on his own, Kumo no Mukou was a full scale production as reflected by the better animation quality and the longer overall length. It has been broadcast across Japan by the anime satellite television network Animax.

The film was licensed for North American release by ADV Films.

Voice Cast

Role Seiyū
Character 文字 Voice Actor 文字
Hiroki Fujisawa 藤沢浩紀 Hidetaka Yoshioka 吉岡 秀隆
Takuya Shirakawa 白川 拓也 Masato Hagiwara 萩原 聖人
Sayuri Sawatari 沢渡 佐由理 Yūka Nanri 南里 侑香
Okabe 岡部 Unshō Ishizuka 石塚 運昇
Tomizawa 富澤 Kazuhiko Inoue 井上 和彦
Maki Kasahara 笠原 真希 Risa Mizuno 水野 理紗
Arisaka 有坂 Hidenobu Kiuchi 木内秀信
Emishi Manufacturing Worker 蝦夷製作所工員 Masami Iwasaki 岩崎 征実
Emishi Manufacturing Worker 蝦夷製作所工員 Eiji Takemoto 竹本 英史
Emishi Manufacturing Worker 蝦夷製作所工員 Takahiro Hirano 平野 貴裕
Graduate Student 大学院生 Takeshi Maeda 前田剛
Graduate Student 大学院生 Takahiro Hirano 平野 貴裕
Female Student 女子生徒 Rie Nakagawa 中川里江
Female Student 女子生徒 Yuki Nakao 中尾 友紀
Female Student 女子生徒 Maki Saitō 齊藤 真紀
Male Student 男子生徒 Kōsuke Kujirai 鯨井 康介
Radio Broadcaster ラジオ放送 Takeshi Maeda 前田剛
TV Newscaster TVニュース Eiji Takemoto 竹本 英史
Train Announcer 駅/車内アナウンス Masami Iwasaki 岩崎 征実
Nurse 女性看護士 Rie Nakagawa 中川里江
Nurse 女性看護士 Maki Saitō 齊藤真紀
Hospital Director 病院院長 Masami Iwasaki 岩崎征実
US Military Officer 米軍人 Bretto Coleman Bretto COLEMAN
NSA Officer NSA Ian O'Neal Ian O'NEAL
Patrol Boat Warning 巡視船警告 Hirochika Kamize 上世博及

English Voice Cast

Additional Voices

Special Thanks: Cassandra Phillips-Sears

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