XxxHOLiC The Movie A Midsummer Night's Dream Poster
xxxHolic The Movie: A Midsummer Night's Dream (劇場版 ×××HOLiC 真夏ノ夜ノ夢) is an hour-long traditional animation film by Production I.G based on the Young Magazine comic xxxHolic by Clamp, though it is an original story. It opened in Japan on 20 July 2005 as the A movie of a double bill with Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE The Movie: The Princess in the Birdcage Kingdom, also by Production I.G and originally based on a Clamp comic.

Japanese Voice Cast

Role Seiyū
Character 文字 Voice Actor 文字
Yūko Ichihara 壱原 侑子 Sayaka Ōhara 大原 さやか
Kimihiro Watanauki 四月一日 君尋 Jun Fukuyama 福山 潤
Shizuka Dōmeki 百目鬼 静 Kazuya Nakai 中井 和哉
Himawari Kunogi 九軒 ひまわり Shizuka Itō 伊藤 静
Maru マル Kazuko Kojima こじま かずこ
Moro モロ Hisayo Mochizuki 望月 久代
Mokona モコナ Mika Kikuchi 菊地 美香
Syaoran 小狼 Miyu Irino 入野 自由
Tomoyo 知世 Maaya Sakamoto 坂本 真綾

Additional Voices

English Voice Cast

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